Growing Cannabis Hydroponics

Cannabis hydroponics means when the plants are grown in some other medium instead of soil, artificially oxygenated, and provided balanced nutrient contents for its growth. Growing cannabis hydroponics is not very difficult but only requires little effort. Since last few years, many methods have been adopted for its growth from simple to little complex ones. You just need to adopt the system that is best for you, however here I will tell you the procedure that would make growing cannabis hydroponics simple for you.The newest medical grade system is from 420 Grow System in Laguna Beach, CA. Their soil based hydro set up may set the standard in growing medical grade Cannabis. Their simple sub irrigation containers are dummy proof and don't allow over or under watering of plants.

All the plants whether growing hydroponically or in soil require 16 main nutrient contents and so with the cannabis. You add the nutrient content mixed with 99.9 per cent of water and 0.1 per cent of the minerals extracted from the soil and give to the plant in balanced proportion. The nutrient can be pre formulated as one part powder and two parts liquid or two parts powder and one part liquid as per the requirement. Adding the nutrients in a balanced proportion is equivalent to the nutrient content a plant can get from soil. Besides for growing cannabis hydroponics equally important is the oxygen content. Oxygen helps the roots of the plant to grow healthy and therefore it is very important to add sufficient quantity of oxygen in the water. The best is that there is no need for you to grow the plant in water but just add enough quantity of nutrient content in it to help the roots keep moist along with the access to oxygen.

Sufficient amount of light is equally important for the growth of the plants as it is bright and constitutes reds and blues which is very important for the growth of the plant and it has also infrared which is essential for life. If you feel your plant is getting too little heat then make use of re-circulating hydroponic system. By giving the heat to the nutrient content inside the tank and pumping the same to 25 degree C, plants can be kept warm. In summers when you feel there is lot of heat, then too it can be alleviated by keeping your tank cool by aerating the tank. But the best way for growing cannabis hydroponics is to have a horticultural light which can be controlled.Growing cannabis hydroponics also means requiring optimum temperature and minimum 15 degree Celsius temperature is required for the proper nutrient content. It is advised to give heat to the nutrient for at least four hours every day if you find temperature has gone below 15 degree C. The maximum temperature required is around 30 degree C. More important is maintaining the pH level of the nutrient solution within 6 to 6.5 range and using pure water as far as possible.

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