Garage Conversions

If you have a growing family and you are outgrowing your home a garage conversion could be the answer. As it is already part of the house and unless you are going to increase the square footage, planning permission is not usually a requirement, but it is worth checking with your local council.

If you're planning to use a building contractor they'll normally attend to this, however if you plan on doing this yourself, then there's specialist planning services that can submit plans and drawings - just check online for your local service provider. So now onto the good stuff! As it is usually a large area there are several different types of room you can convert to. One of the most common uses for a garage conversion is a games room but as it is not economically viable to move house at present converting the garage to a bedroom or lounge is a lot more practical for a family in the present climate. As it is already complete with walls and a roof a garage conversion is a relatively simple procedure.

The first undertaking is to make sure the roof is in good order. It may need to be reinforced. Rewiring and insulation will need to be done. Replacing the garage door with a new window is straightforward and double glazing the window is a good idea. The floor will have to be raised to the level of the house. A lot of people undertake a garage conversion by themselves but some people like to employ a builder and as most reputable builders have undertaken this type of work before.

If you are thinking of using the space as a bedroom you might think about installing an ensuite and in that case you will need to think about the plumbing. As the plumbing is already in the house it will just be a matter of connecting the new pipes to the existing plumbing. Depending on what you are going to use the room for you have to think about where you are going to place radiators.

It may be worthwhile installing underfloor heating before the new floor is put in place. This will free up wall space for bookcases or wardrobes. You may also need an access door into the house if there is not one in place already. In the main a garage conversation is very cost effective and involves very little disruption to the family. One thing to keep in mind is where you are going to store all the contents. This is usually solved by purchasing a garden shed and you can sit back and enjoy your newly converted garage.

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