Preserve Your Herbs in Weed Jars

Preserving nutritious herbs in their natural state for longer time is a challenge that you can meet with the help of weed jars. These are containers specially developed and designed to keep herbs fresh for months. The jars are made of a special glass that provides natural environment to the herbs and thus makes them safe for use even after months. This news may come as amazement to many but those who are using these jars know that nothing can preserve herbs better than weed containers. The best part of these jars is this that they can be kept over countertops, in kitchen boxes or on the table. They are so convenient to handle that they can kept anywhere you feel comfortable.

Weed jars have been in use from centuries but under different name. They are first used by ancient Egyptians who used them for preserving oil and herbs in tombs. And you will be astonished to know that the herbs and oil found on the tombs are still fresh. The weed glass jars can keep your herbs fresh for more than six months period. These jars use special glass that permits only UV-A rays to pass through. UV-A rays are good for herbs as they slow down the ageing process be preserving their freshness. Ordinary glass jars have no such filtration power hence they are not suitable for preserving herbs.

A majority of home owners are unaware about the advantages of weed jars and that is why they rely on ordinary glass jars for keeping herbs and oils. These jars now available in open market can help you preserve your herbs etc. fresh for longer periods. The herbs should be taken fresh but it is not possible to go and get a herb of your choice from the garden. Herbs are grown in botanical gardens and they are sold in air-tight packing in the retail stores. You buy them from the retail market and store them in ordinary glass jars which are not recommended for preserving herbs. To keep your herbs in good conditions, you need to protect them from direct sunlight.

Weed jars filter sunlight into visible light and UV-A rays. These jars reflect the visible light and permit UV-A rays to pass through. You will be delighted to know that these jars don't require much cleaning as they be cleaned using mild soap and water solution that can be made in home.

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