Ologies (podcast)

Ologies with Alie Ward, also regarded as Ologies, is a weekly science podcast hosted by Alie Ward. Each and every episode, Ward interviews an expert from a distinct scientific area (somnology, bryology, philematology, etc.).[1] Ologies is ordinarily 1 of the top three science podcasts on Apple Podcasts.[2] It is frequently cited by university newspapers and weblogs as an case in point of how to make science interaction far more obtainable and fascinating.[3][4][5]

Historical past
Ward very first experienced the idea for the podcast in 2002.[2] Additional inspiration crafted when a visit to the Organic History Museum of Los Angeles County in 2013 led into a weekly volunteer shift and a career alter into science communications for Ward.[six] After creating a adhering to on Patreon,[seven] Ward introduced Ologies in 2017.[2] By February 2021, Ologies produced more than 130 episodes and obtained a lot more than 50 million downloads.
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In July 2021, Ologies commenced releasing shortened versions of classic episodes termed "Smologies." Edited specially for lecture rooms, Smologies episodes operate about 20 minutes, and do not have profanity.[8]

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